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Design Process

The Brief

The initial consultation is the most important and most comprehensive. Here we meet with the client and view the property. This enables us to find out more about the client’s needs, likes and dislikes and design ambition. Also discussed is their intention with respect to the use of the rooms, whether they like to entertain and their general lifestyle. We also explore the use of existing pieces of furniture and the art they would like included along with budgets and timescales. This phase is critical to ensure we capture all the clients' requirements and that the next stage is both efficient and effective in terms of both time and money.

The Concept

This phase is the beginning of the design process. Here floorplans are developed taking into consideration the flow and function of each room and of the property as a whole. 2D and 3D drawings can be submitted to help the clients visualize how the space will come to life. Once the layouts have been agreed, lighting plans will be drawn up, either working with a sub-contracted lighting company or by E&C working on its own.

Design Development

Client approval of the design concept takes the process to the next stage with further refinement and consideration of each detail. This is the beginning of the FF&E (Furniture, Fixtures & Equipment) phase. A detailed look at the specification of each room is now carried out including joinery details, cabinetry, kitchens. Each is carefully designed attending to all details whilst working with the relevant craftsmen and workshops.

Final changes can be implemented before working further on the CAD drawings, either in house at Eadie & Crole or in conjunction with your architect (where required). Colour, texture and fabric schemes are presented with a number of options and ideas on a room by room basis. We will then work with the client to finalize appropriate designs and agree a time table for implementation. At the same time detailed specifications for the ‘Build’ tender are worked on to give the builders a full package for the purposes of pricing up.


The approved designs are estimated and priced within the budget (if provided) and once this has been agreed with the client, orders are placed for all materials, furnishings and accessories. This involves working closely with our suppliers, sub- contractors and relevant craftsman this to ensure that each stage of the project is carried out to the highest possible standards. E&C will make regular visits to site to co-ordinate progress, inspect the quality of workmanship and resolve any on-site issues.


We synchronize delivery over a period time, either to site directly or via a recommended storage company We coordinate this with the installation once the site is clean and clear of workmen. We will continue to be involved until such time as the installation is complete